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14 May, 2015 ยท Overview



Last 17th March took place at IK4-CIDETEC the final meeting of the ECLIPSE project.

The main objective of the project was the development of sustainable new packaging concepts derived from renewable resources of different biomass wastes.

One of the most significant milestones of the project has been the obtaining of a biopolymer, the poli (lactic acid), 100% derived from algae waste. Different algae strains with a high content in lipids for biodiesel production and high content of carbohydrates have been studied within the project.

On the other han, other biomass wastes such as banana rachis and crustaceans shells have been valorized for the obtaining of nanomaterials for reinforcement purposes and antimicrobial properties. Other inorganice nanomaterials have been investigated for the improvement of gas barrier properties.

Finally, it was succesfully obtained different thermoplastic compounds based on PLA and modified nanomaterials developped within the project for the manufacturing of two packaging products: agricultural bags for the bananas cultivation and wipe pouches. In addition to be 100% renewable, developped materials used in the manufacturing of this two products are compostable, which is an additional incentive for the commercial exploitation of these results.